Home Owners 

The dream for some is to move into a project home which you can make your own over time. This can often be more time consuming than you imagined and you can also run into spiralling costs if you're not too careful. 
Where we come in is to handle the work that you can't or don't want to do. Maybe it's the initial structural work to get you started or possibly finishing elements such as electrical or plumbing. However we can help, we will so that you can start enjoying living in your new renovated home. 

Private Landlords 

When building your portfolio of properties we can speed up the renovation process by taking this over and being able to manage multiple building projects at any one time. This will maximise your return on investment and speed up occupancy. 
By offering this service it enables you to take on larger projects that you might not have considered as it would have been too much work and too time consuming but by outsourcing to us you have the opportunity to make potentially more lucrative investments. 
We handle all of the work including project management through to completion so you are assured of continuity and quality of renovation. 
To discuss your house renovation project just give us a call on 01604 708971 to hear how we can help you. 

Enquiry Form 

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